PorkyCoin is a fixed supply token without minting. All tokens that will ever exist have already been created. We believe in a truly fair and decentralized world, which is why PorkyCoin launched 100% offering with no pre-sale.

The token supply will be gradually offered to the community, that will be then in full control of the token circulation. In order to have a healthy and sustainable ecosystem environment the founders initially locked the greater part of the token supply (87% of tokens are locked long term and eventually renewed). The 7% of the tokens are reserved for payments to collaborators, promotions and other initiatives that will be used in a responsible way so as not to affect the price of our token. While the remaining part is offered to the market through PancakeSwap (the DEX exchange that we have chosen as the main partner). Other offering channels are being considered and we may announce other partnerships soon.

8.3% of the tokens has been locked for 2 years (until Nov 2023). This is the max supply in the founders’ hands

100,000,000,000 PorkyCoin fixed supply, no minting token

100% of founders’ liquidity has been locked for 1 year, so to offer full comfort to our community

Manual monthly token burn are enabled on the basis of transactions volume

78.7% of the token supply has been locked for 1 year, with a monthly vesting schedule

The PorkyCoin token was born to be totally self-sustaining and to support the full integration and interconnectivity of the services and apps of our growing ecosystem.

To achieve this we started the PorkyCoin token with certain built-in features applied to the spread of each transaction (start-up phase). This spread will be reset and eventually lowered in the following phases (see 2 & 3) as per below.

Please consider these numbers as indicative, as the PorkyCoin project is evolving and will adapt to the needs of the community and its ecosystem. What is absolutely certain is the aim of the project: protect and grow the community, then last but not least deliver a positive change to the worlds through the use of donations. This will always remain immutable.

1) Start-up phase
– Automatic LP: 10% of each transaction is automatically added to the liquidity pool. This contributes to continuously increase the price floor and to decrease the price volatility. This has the effect of multiplying the liquidity available in the DeFi ecosystem, protecting the project and its holders (old and new).
– Distribution to holders: 2% of each transaction is redistributed to all existing holders. This works exactly like dividends for equity investors, but with our token the dividends are distributed every day (and not every 3, 6 or 12 months).
– Donations & manual burns: 1% of each transaction is taken to be used for our donations and for manual monthly burns. This percentage is initially kept low as we are in a start-up phase.
Total: 13%

2) Growth & Establishment phase
– Automatic LP: this will be lowered to 6% from previous 10%, as the token will have already achieved a good liquidity profile.
– Distribution to holders: this will be increased to 3% from previous 2%, so to increase the premium for holders loyalty.
– Donations: this will be increased to 2% from previous 1%, as our goal is to deliver a positive change to this world.
– Manual burns: this will be increased to 2% from previous 1%, to lower the token supply in circulation.
Total: 13%

3) Expansion & Consolidation phase
– Automatic LP: this will be lowered to 2% from previous 6%.
– Distribution to holders: this will stay at 3%.
– Donations: this will be increased to 3% from previous 2%.
– Manual burns: this will stay at 2%.
Total: 10%

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 Porky Coin. All rights reserved

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