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On November 14th, 2021, the team has decided to create the PorkyCoin crypto token.


Why? PorkyCoin is the natural evolution of the hard work of the team during the last few years. The token creation is just the last step after years spent working to create an ecosystem around apps and a growing community.

The great advantages offered by the blockchain technology has shaped an opportunity for our broader project. The integration of our token in our already working system of services is letting us to make a big jump ahead in our plans: it will offer great inter-connectivity.

After months analyzing the token market and making due diligence to other projects, we have understood that PorkyCoin is one of the very few tokens with, not only a compelling project, but also with a real (and already running) business behind. This is essential for the future grow and sustainability of the ecosystem we have built.

We have different platforms and services where PorkyCoin will gradually fully integrated.


Social network (Qbaface):
An independent social network where you can make friends, interact with members, make payments (p2p), make telephone recharges, pay for membership, do marketing campaigns, organize donations to both charitable groups and private groups. It will have a Wallet with possibility to store your coins and you will also be able to exchange/swap it with recognized crypto currencies and much more.


Online dating application (Cubamor):
A fast growing social dating application where people can meet and interact. Soon, on this app you will be able to pay memberships or transfer the PorkyCoin via chat.


Taxi application (Montate):
An app to get taxi rides (in the final stage of development). For each trip, PorkyCoin will be distributed to both the taxi driver and the client so to support our token market. Soon, on this app you will be able to do the full payment for the service using the PorkyCoin token.


Sales application: (Qbasales)
An app to let buyer and sellers of products to meet and interact. The big chuck of the profits we make with this business are used to support PorkyCoin.


Cerdo Asado:
This is our first and leading company in our family. It is a business based on the selling activity of roast pig (cerdo asado). This is a great start for the PorkyCoin, as part of the profits of the business are used to offer PorkyCoin as a form of rewards to customers. In the future customers will be able to pay for the service using PorkyCoin.

…and others in the making

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 Porky Coin. All rights reserved

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