Porkycoin is a newcomer to the world of cryptocurrencies. It is a crypto token with a social conscience, created by a team that loves nature and that is a strong believer in sustainable human activity: we use a large chunk of our profits generated within our companies’ family perimeter to sustain the agricultural communities in difficulty, developing clean energy projects (both in partnership and alone).

The profits obtained from the sale of PorkyCoin merchandise are also donated directly to families with specific needs without electricity in their homes. In addition we donate musical equipment to create small schools group in emarginated neighborhoods, as we believe education is our hope.

PorkyCoin also has a very close objective in its roadmap to use the PorkyCoin currency in several of its own applications such as the alternative social network (Qbaface), social dating (Cubamor), sales (Qbasales), taxi application (Móntate) and finally the well known Cerdo Asado (roasted pork) business. Last but not least there will be a launch in a few months of our PorkySwap where you will save & exchange your coins, with more surprises to come for our Holders.

PorkyCoin is a long-term sustainable project with a clear roadmap showing the schedule of submission, e.g. Eg CoinHunt, CMS Focus and CMC, headline rewards and future NFT market making.

PorkyCoin offers an innovative combination of a multi-stage reward system for participation and presence of NFT (future plan). The main focus is the launch of the PorkyMeta app, which gives users the ability to search, vote, and promote tokens / coins.

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