PorkyCoin token – not only a project, but a real thing

PorkyCoin is a crypto token representing its services and a growing community. It has been created to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the crypto world and to create wealth for our people. It will be integrated soon in a broader system of services, offering great connectivity (also with the real world).

PorkyCoin is the natural evolution of the hard work of the team during the last few years. With the use of the blockchain technology, you are now able to buy, exchange and use the PorkyCoin token. It is very easy!

We have big big plans for our community and everyone will benefit from it.

Joining us, together we can embrace an incredible and ambitious path.


Download WhitePaper v1.0. Spanish and English

Our ecosystem

The PorkyCoin token. We have officially launched the token on the Binance Smart Chain standard (BEP20) on November 14, 2021. With the PorkyCoin token you can easily, transfer, buy and sell it. We built it with an intelligent coding that offers benefits to loyal holders with rewards and protection against whales (large portfolios), toxic for this ecosystem.

We are the founders, the backers and the protectors of the PorkyCoin token and its ecosystem. We would do anything to keep it safe and to support its growth.

Passive income System

The 2% of every transaction with PorkyCoin is deducted and redistributed to our pool of holders. It means that just by holding it, you will see the number of tokens increasing automatically every day as the community trade it.

Deflationary Currency

An amount of all transactions in taken out of circulation, meaning that our token supply is constantly shrinking and making your PorkyCoin increasing in value.

Anti-Whale Trap

We built the token with a set of rules, so everyone will profit from it. PorkyCoin is coded in a way that prevents big wallet holders (whales) from trying manipulate the price in their favour or from dumping the token by selling out.

Trust in PorkyCoin

Trust is a key factor for holders and at PorkyCoin we have been and will always be open and transparent in the decisions we make, so to support an healthy ecosystem where our people will always be put first!!

To show are good intentions

1: we blocked the liquidity fund for 2 years in Dxsale.

2: we periodically burn our tokens


PorkyCoin Audit

To ensure the safety of our community, we are working with reliable independent external companies to fully audit our contract. This is an essential step, so to be fully verified and prove the legitimacy of the project.

Central Anti-FUD

To keep our project and community safe, and full commitment toward transparency, our team is developing an Anti-FUD Central where the goal is to catalog all incorrect information that may be a potential threat to PorkyCoin holders and offer evidence that debunks every false claim.

Supply and Liquidity

As the project progresses, we periodically burn our PorkyCoin tokens (on monthly basis) and we announce it on all our social profile and platforms (i.e. Telegram, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Qbaface). All the burned tokens are sent to a dead wallet that is locked and cannot be accessed.

PorkyCoin Swap

How to buy

Contract Adress


Android and iOS users can download the Trust Wallet app on your phone.

Buy $BNB from Binance Exchange and transfer to your BSC wallet address.

Go to the DApps tab at the bottom, find PancakeSwap V2, click “Select a Currency”, enter the contract address in the search bar, and you should be able to find Porky.

PORKY contract address: 0xAa4702ADDDcC72665680bC16a5b43450591404D5

Before the Swap, click the gear and set the slippage to 12-15%, set the amount you want to buy and click the “Swap” button.

If you are operating on the PC, please enter the PancakeSwapV2 official website and click “Connect Wallet” at the top right of the website.


About us

PorkyCoin is a project that arises with the goal of bringing together an enthusiastic community of crypto holders, entrepreneurs and common people looking for economic solvency. The project has started with the goal to offer services to the Caribbean market, but it is growing globally and well beyond this geography. Blockchain technology has opened a great opportunity for people to grow their wealth, to find an alternative and cheaper form of payment and finally, to create connectivity with many things and services.

Cripto Road Map

Our Proyect and Ecosystem

We are one of the few tokens (/crypto coins) with substance and a real project behind. Long before then introducing our token in November 2021, we have built over the years our own healthy ecosystem, working independently without waiting for big companies or corporations to accept us.

We have different platforms and services where PorkyCoin will gradually fully integrated.

Social network (Qbaface): https://descarga.qbaface.com/ – An independent social network where you can make friends, interact with members, make payments (p2p), make telephone recharges, pay for membership, do marketing campaigns, organize donations to both charitable groups and private groups. It will have a Wallet with possibility to store your coins and you will also be able to exchange/swap it with recognized crypto currencies and much more.

Online dating application (Cubamor): https://descarga.cubamor.app – A fast growing social dating application where people can meet and interact. Soon, on this app you will be able to pay memberships or transfer the PorkyCoin via chat.

Taxi application (Montate): https://montate.app – An app to get taxi rides (in the final stage of development). For each trip, PorkyCoin will be distributed to both the taxi driver and the client so to support our token market. Soon, on this app you will be able to do the full payment for the service using the PorkyCoin token.

Sales application: (Qbasales) https://qbasales.com/ – An app to let buyer and sellers of products to meet and interact. The big chuck of the profits we make with this business are used to support PorkyCoin.

Cerdo Asado: https://cerdoasado.com/ – This is our first and leading company in our family. It is a business based on the selling activity of roast pig (cerdo asado). This is a great start for the PorkyCoin, as part of the profits of the business are used to offer PorkyCoin as a form of rewards to customers. In the future customers will be able to pay for the service using PorkyCoin.

Crazy for Skully: https://www.crazyforskully.com/ – First Swiss company dedicated to jewelry that will accept payments with PorkyCoin in its establishments and website.

All the customers rewards offered by all our applications or companies are the result of a market purchase: we use our profits (in fiat currency like USD and EUR) to buy PorkyCoin, and then deliver them to the customers’ crypto wallets. This a virtuous circle that let our token grow and thrive.

We are working hard for quite some time to include in the project many other business adopting our token such us restaurants, rental houses, agro markets, hairdressers and many types of privately run businesses. Many more surprises to come.

Token Allocation Summary

Although our products offer great utility for the PorkyCoin token, we have to recognize and protect the interests of those holders who are looking for a store of value. This is where tokenomics comes in. Through three powerful functions built into our smart contract, we provide value to community through Reflection, Liquidity Fund Acquisition, and Burns.

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......Bounty campaign

Meet Our Team



Davide Melone


Latest News

Our Global Level Partners

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